Amagansett Modular by MB accommodates Family of Five

Having its set up at East Hampton, Manhattan, MB Architecture was hired to design an economical vacation home for a family. The four bedroom home dubbed Amagansett Modular is located in Amagansett, East Hampton, New York .The firm used six shipping containers to create a four bedroom house which is more affordable to build than typical construction methods would have been.

The home is prefabricated and erected on an elevated platform in just two days after transported at site. According to architect, the house is 30 percent cheaper than other typical homes and the project meets local building and insulation standards also.

“Based on prior experience, we knew that conventional ‘stick-build’ construction using local labor would be prohibitively expensive,” says the firm. “We suggested prefabricating the building off-site; and use of shipping containers to lower cost, ease transportation, and provide the kind of design experimentation that they were open to. Our past work proved that by streamlining this process, we could achieve significant cost reductions.”


The structure of the house comprises of five 40 x 8 ft (12 x 2.4 m) containers, and the architect has protected an old oak tree by using another smaller 10 x 8 ft (3 x 2.4 m) container in a clever way.

The internal area keeps 1,800 sq ft (167 sq m) and includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and lounge area. Having access from a small corridor, another separate bedroom is also provided. There’s also a pool outside. However, unfortunately, there is no word about actual cost of the house.

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