Have a Look on Chris Tate’s Modular Glass Forest House

Chris Tate architecture is a New Zealand based architectural practice having its offices at New Zealand, Los angles and Mexico. At Chris Tate architecture, they nicely blend nature and innovation, each of their design is individual and unique which puts lasting impression on the world.

Architect Chris Tate’s Forest House is a residence which Tate uses himself on weekends and holidays. The house keeps a modular glass structure with minimum impact on earth and it is located in   the densely forested hills of the Auckland suburb of Titirangi in New Zealand. Preserving the nature is the basic concept behind the design of this house.

The house has been built without disturbing environment around the curve of the Puriri tree’s trunk. 16 Poles were erected into the earth after making holes to support the structure of the house. The house can accommodate two individuals which includes a simple but comfortable bedroom with double bed, study room and bathroom .However Tate has intentionally not installed microwave, dishwasher and TV.

From the entrance the house seems like a glass box nestled among the bush. It stands out with its plain black roof by four glass skylights. A small outcrop of decking is located just front of the entrance.

The elevated bedroom is located at the other end of the house, along its wall there is full height curtain joined with shelving and wardrobe. The light green study room has great combination with environment and many elements in the house keep botanical theme. The design of the bedroom is like a foil and its textured are intentionally kept softer and comfortable to create feel of wideness and openness.

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