Amber house is surrounded by Wonderful Landscapes

Alex-Nerovnya architects are a team of architects and designers based in Moscow, Russia. Their designs are guided by basic principles of innovative architecture, honest minimalism, environment friendly and energy efficiency.

The practice has recently designed a forest house called Amber house. The design of the house is inspired by a vision of a bonfire, burning in a dark northern forest, which looks like   a welcoming lighthouse. The unique Amber house design is particularly created for outdoor addicts and couples looking for a great escape from hustle and bustle of daily busy life. Amber house is an immoderate but cool retreat ready to provide travelers with comfort, peace and immense unforgettable views of surrounding landscape.

The basic frame of the house has been done in steel, it is cladded in wood and glass has been fixed in openings. However, the house effectively lacks a roof in its traditional sense, which allows enough penetration of natural light and amazing landscape. The house can be divided into two parts, the living space and a hallway that comprise a compact kitchen and toilet. The living area include lounge and bed room with a double bed. Though designer has not provided more information about kitchen and toilet but they would be simple and well equipped. The interior cladding has been done in wood which adds warmth in the living area. Additionally, interior finishes have great combination with near by landscape.

Tourists who planned to try this unique destination for a weekend somewhere in the forest, will admire the opportunity to fall asleep bathed in moonlight, while observing the countless stars in the sky.

The architecture of this house does not match traditional grid of country houses as it is designed to be placed in remote areas, where natural views are quite clear by neighboring buildings and other obstacles.


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