Shenzhen Wave is ZTE new Headquarters with Dazzling Wave Design

Buro -OS is an international architectural practice that provides interior designing and town planning consultancy as well as projects management and research services. The firm has completed many outstanding projects throughout the globe and won many prestigious awards/prizes. Having its offices at Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, New York, London and Berlin, Buro –OS is an innovative architectural practice.

The firm has recently designed a new project dubbed, Shenzhen wave, the new headquarter for ZTE, a leading telecommunication and technology company. The project is located at Shenzhen Bay Super HQ master plan in Southern China. The project is a fully master planned arcade to become business hub within city. It measures 120 m width along with water front  and will rise to elevation of 160 m.The project has recently got thumbs up from mayor of the city and local development authorities .The construction work is about to begin which is  scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Visitor enters into building through Lobby node which is located on ground floor, connected to Club node through a diagonal atrium. The plenty of natural light illuminates this area and provides sit and socialize opportunities to individuals and groups. This area includes enough greenery, a cafe, a gym and a bar. It will be linked to an adjacent rooftop deck and ground floor lobby with a light-filled passage that connects each level.

At each level, most of the space will be incorporated as office called Work Stack which can be divided /reconfigured as per requirements. Outdoor terrace areas are also included on each level for the refreshment of workers.

“A sinuous diagonal ‘Wave’ cuts through the building and links its multiple levels, lifting the structure off the ground and cresting up through the roof,” explains Büro Ole Scheeren. “This key element becomes an open and experiential pathway through the building for light, views and circulation, encouraging spontaneous encounters between users throughout the structure. The spatial organization of the building both physically embodies and simultaneously amplifies the company’s culture of interaction and innovation.”

An amphitheater is located nearby and a Culture node is also a part of the building which hosts cultural exhibitions along with water front.

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