World’s First 3D-Printed Homes Project unveiled in Mexico

World’s first  housing project  of 3D-printed homes  is under construction in Tabasco, southeastern Mexico .The project was printed by Vulcan II, the first printer of its kind in that it has the capability of printing homes in which people actually want to live. By utilizing local labor, construction work has been done in a traditional way through a local nonprofit organization ÉCHALE. The aim of the team is to construct 50 homes for deserving families in the area.


“The 3D printer for homes, called the Vulcan II, is designed to work under the constraints that are common in rural locations, but the journey has not been easy,” says New Story. “

The finished home is elegant, comfortable and keeps 46.5 sq m (500 sq ft) area. The interior comprises one floor and keeps a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The architect has provided a small porch for dining at outside.

The house is equipped with electrical and water supplies and work has been engineered above the standard safety requirements to ensure they will meet the local seismic and quality standards.

Cement mortar is extruded out of a nozzle on walls, layer after layer, until the basic structures of the homes were completed. Then skilled labor finished the job by adding roofs, doors, windows electrical and plumbing work.

“We are living a historic moment, having the first community of 3D-printed homes being built,” says Gretel Uribe, Development Director, Échale. “But more than the technological accomplishment that this represents, which feels like science fiction meeting reality, I would like to point out that this technology is being developed and used to bring adequate housing to the most vulnerable families. I think this project is a lesson that if we come together to work, join talents and resources, and lead them to solve real problems, the dream of sustainability and social fairness is achievable.”

Just two homes have been completed and the selected families will receive those costing around 400 Mexican Pesos (about US$20 per month) at a zero interest, zero profit deed, which will continue for seven years.

It is expected that the remaining 48 homes will be allotted to selected families by next year. However, there is no idea about construction cost of the project.

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