LOHA designed Energy-efficient Houses for Los Angeles Homeless

In Collaboration with Clifford Beers Housing, The Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) had designed an affordable housing project in south Los Angeles dubbed MLK1101 Supportive Housing .The aim is to provide shelter for previously homeless veterans and low-income families. The project also comprises several energy-efficient elements, such as solar hot water heating and to depend on natural lighting and ventilation.

The project contains 26 residential units and each unit keep total floor space of 34,000 sq ft (3,158 sq m) having a large L-shaped four-story building which serves as  living area. Each unit is divided into, single, two and three bed room apartments to suit according to no’s of inhabitants. Each apartment is equipped with living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Another green roofed smaller building has a community room with shared facilities inside. Tenants are also encouraged to make use of the shared services, which includes a kitchen and dining areas to hosts any type of gatherings.

To receive enough sunlight and cross ventilation, the architect has chosen an L-shaped typology .Furthermore the design of building is eco-friendly to reduce the need of heating, cooling, and artificial light. With drought-tolerant plants and elevated beds used to grow fruit and vegetables an outdoor garden has been planted with, for residents to leisure and socialize away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In order to maintain a street presence, the parking is provided behind staircase at front of building that connects the street to the community spaces one level up. By establishing two retail units, the client has started commercial activities in the area to generate income at street level.

The design of the building was certified LEED gold and features include high-efficiency heating and cooling, appliances and fixtures, solar water heating, electric vehicle charging and bike parking.

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